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Rohtang Pass Manali

Rohtang Pass Manali Located at the height of 3979 and 51 km from Manali, on Rohtang Pass Highway. This pass is the gateway to Lahoul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley. The best time to visit nearby is between May / June to October / November. In the month of May, Rohtang becomes a centre of attraction for adventure enthusiasts. Tourists can go for various exciting activities like snow scooters, skiing and mountain biking. Nature lovers can enjoy beautiful scenes of glaciers, peaks and a lunar river flowing in Lahoul Valley.

There is a waterfall named Rahla, which is located 16 kilometres away from Manali to Rohtang Pass. This waterfall flows beneath the height of 2,500 meters and looks surprisingly amazing. Photography lovers should go on this near to click on one of nature’s most beautiful paintings. Renting or taking a local cab is recommended. because the drive towards Rohtang Pass becomes very tough with slippery roads and narrow bushes.


Rohtang Pass is the same road, which connects Leh Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir State) from Manali. It sees more than 25 million visitors every year. However, in the winter, the paths here are completely covered with snow somebody goes to this place. In May, Rohtang becomes a place for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. They can experience adventure sports. as like skiing, skating, paragliding, snow scooters, and more.

People take some fresh moments to visit this place purely in the arms of Mother Nature. Beas Kund. The source of the river Beas and a holy place for the Hindus. Rohtang Pass is easily accessible. Rishi Vyas used to meditate on this site.

Other important facts about tourist spot Rohtang Pass

It is located on the Pir Panjal mountain range of Himalayas. And serves as the gateway to Pangi and Valley of Leh. Rohtang Pass is a natural division between the humid Kullu valley. They have a prominent Hindu culture. And high altitude Lahoul and Spiti casts. They are mainly Buddhist.

There is no alternative to staying at Rohtang Pass. Manali has many options and tourists can easily live here and can relax in heaven between Kullu and Manali.

Tourist point Rohtang pass permit

Various taxes/fees for travelling to Rohtang Pass
Permit fee (Applicable for Rohtang Passengers for tourism purpose): –
It applies to all vehicles, which have the purpose of touring near Rohtang. The tax is applicable on a daily basis.

Tourism permit is valid for only one day (To & Fro).
Mandatory information for Rohtang Pass Permit
Valid ID proof
Valid pollution under check (PUC) certificate
Vehicle Registration Date (vehicle age not exceeding 10 years)
• Daily Permit Limit:
(i) petrol vehicle = 800
(ii) diesel vehicle = 400

•online Permits in two-time limits:
(i) at 10:00 (200 diesel and 400 petrol)
(ii) 16:00 (200 diesel and 400 petrol)

Printout is mandatory for all permissions.

• documents Compared with valid proofs.

This rose is applicable for all vehicles crossing the Gulaaba bridge. The taxes are valid for one day only.
Traffic Deposit Charges

Rohtang pass temperature

weather in Rohtang pass 

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