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Top 6 National Parks in Himachal Pradesh - Wildlife Discovery:

The beautiful lush inexperienced hills and ever-flowing rivers of Himachal Pradesh square measure a splendid surround of the many life sanctuaries. The national parks of Himachal Pradesh have plenty to supply. For all those grand folks, here is one more reason to go to the Himalayas.
 National Parks in Himachal Pradesh
 National Parks in Himachal Pradesh 

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Himachal Pradesh

Wildlife exploration could be a whole new level of the journey. a number of you’re wanting forward to seeing some exotic animals on your trek or taking a visit to Himachal, here we’ve listed the half dozen most attention-grabbing parks that you simply cannot miss

The forests of Himachal Pradesh supply wonderful views for you to visualize the strange and wild facet of animals and so leave you with the foremost exciting expertise. The place is often of interest to all or any trekkers and journey lovers alike, WHO expertise the raw facet of Indian animal homes. Take a glance at some life sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh, that you would like to incorporate in your list now.

1. Great Himalaya National Park:

The Great mountain chain parkland is found seventy-five kilometres from Kullu. it’s recognized jointly of the simplest national parks in India and is home to over 375 species of species and roughly thirty-one species of mammals and one hundred eighty birds. the foremost visited animal’s area unit mountain chain Gyps fulvus, eagle, mountain chain bear, ounce, blue sheep, mountain chain tahr, musk deer.

There are quite fifteen thousand residents, together with concerning one hundred sixty villages settled within the buffer zone and obsessed with the park’s natural resources. The park is accessible solely by trekking and has four main entrances, Gushaini is that the main entrance and Barshaini are that the most well-liked trekking purpose to succeed in the park. Trekking is the best thanks to fancy the whole journey.

When you ought to go: Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month and September-October area unit the simplest times. Avoid monsoon time. The park charges fifty Rupees for Indians and two hundred for foreign nationals.

How to reach: The best way to reach by trekking. Start at Barshaini and proceed to Pin Parvati Valley.

2. Pin Valley National Park:

This park is found concerning 250 klicks from Shimla. it’s situated in Spiti district and is maybe the foremost scenic trek in Himachal Pradesh. it’s cover 1150 sq. feet and incorporates a height starting from 3500 meters to 6000 meters close to Dogri. Despite the peak, the park still has concerning four hundred species of plants, as well as medicative herbs and spices. It additionally has mouse hare, snow cock, Gypaetus barbatus, red fox, marten, Siberian Capra ibex, etc. Every day it’s open from vi am to six pm

When you should go: Best time to visit July – October.

How to Reach: Caja is that the nearest town to the park and it additionally has accommodation facilities for tourists. you’ll reach Kaza from Bhuntar airfield and take a bus to succeed in the place. Joginder Nagar is that the nearest railroad terminal, that is concerning 350 kilometres away.

3. Kalatop Khajiyar Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is found in Chamba district and its elevation varies from 3910 to 9164 feet. it’s typically a well-liked favourite place in Dalhousie. The park has dense oak forests, cedars and blue cedars. It additionally has barking goat antelope, leopard, bear, jackal, mountain chain black marten cat and Cerro area unit a number of the popular animals. Eurasian jay, chestnut build rock thrush, blackbird with white wings etc. area unit a number of the bird species that you just can notice here.

When to go: March to might and Sept to Nov area unit the most effective times to go to the sanctuary.

How to reach: The life sanctuary from Dalhousie is just 10kms and thus you’ll notice plenty of native buses that may take you here. you’ll additionally rent cabs. Pathankot it’s the closest terminus to Dalhousie and Gaggal landing field in Kangra is that the nearest landing field, that is regarding thirteen kilometres away.

Inderkilla park

4. Inderkilla National Park

The Inderkilla park in Himachal Pradesh was established in 2010. It extends over a section of 104 sq. kilometres (40 sq. miles). The park is found within the Kullu district, 40 kilometres from the Kullu Manali field. settled within the range of mountains region, Inderkilla park preserves a large kind of flora and fauna.

The densely wooded and mountainous piece of ground of those national parks in Himachal Pradesh is home to several rare and species of plants, animals, birds and insects. A path through the Inderkilla park can provide you with the chance to visualize these animals in their natural surroundings. you may conjointly notice plants that have a chic healthful price.

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Khirganga park

5. Khirganga park

Khirganga park is fifty.5 kilometres from Kullu Manali field in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The park is found at AN altitude of concerning five,500 meters and extends over a section of approximately 710 sq. kilometres (275 sq. miles) of the Anapurna geographical area. Khirganga park was established in 2010.

The park shares the northern boundary of the good range of mountains park and was to merge with it to facilitate superintendence. Protects a large biological diversity. you’ll mix your visit to the present park together with your Kheerganga hike. the most effective time to go to this place is from Apr to June or from Sep to Nov. Oct could be a month that incorporates a pleasant climate and doesn’t see many folks.

Species found here: Wild bears

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

6. Simbalbara National Park

Dotted pricey
Located within the Paonta natural depression of the Sirmour district, Simbalbara park may be a protected space in Himachal Pradesh. The park was established in 1958 because the Simbalbara life Sanctuary that covers a region of 19.03 sq. kilometres. In 2010, it became a park by merging a further eight.88 sq. kilometres of the realm with its limits. Simbalbara park currently spans twenty seven.88 sq. kilometres (10.76 sq. miles).

The park has been preserved in its natural type by the travel and touristry department of Himachal Pradesh. The perennial stream within the natural depression is additionally among the boundaries of the park. Simbalbara park has thick salt forests with grass-covered weeds. the most effective time to go to these national parks in Himachal Pradesh is within the months of Oct and November. you’ll be able to conjointly fancy walking trails through the close woodland.

Species found here: goat antelope, Sambhar, noticed ruminant, Chittal, range black bear, Langu Hanuman, Indian muntjacs

Location: thruway 6A, Dhaula Kuan, Himachal Pradesh 173021

Do’s and Don’ts whereas visiting National Parks in Himachal Pradesh:

To know what you ought to do and avoid doing within the park and living space, scrutinize these further tips:

Always confirm that you simply have honest information regarding the place by reproof the forest ranger
Visit the traveller Center to seek out out those places within the park to avoid the hazards.
Always set up your trip well ahead to avoid disasters
Never ignore the warning signs
Do not care with animals and lodge in a secure distance from them
Never feed animals or try and get too about to them
Watch out for animals like bears that may smell food
Always offer fittingly like medicines
Do not leave fireplace while not smoke or smoke in park areas
If you were sole regarding trekking and mourning although the mountain chain, exploring the national parks would amendment your opinion. prepare to explore ferine and free-spirited animals. be careful and confirm you mostly amendment

These national parks in Himachal Pradesh provide a number of the foremost spectacular broad views together with associate expertise of fascinating wild nature. If you’re curious to explore the wild aspect of this charming Indian state, set up a visit to Himachal Pradesh along with your dearest and start a powerful journey. this can be an associate unforgettable journey through life

Frequent queries

Q1 what percentage life sanctuaries area unit there in Himachal Pradesh?
A. There area unit a complete of thirty-two life sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh.
Q2 what percentage rivers area unit in Himachal Pradesh?
A. Himachal Pradesh homes primarily 5 rivers, particularly Ravi, Chenab, Satluj, Beas and Yamuna.
Q3 what percentage national parks area unit there in India?
R. Asian nation hosts some 166 national parks that house a large sort of flora and fauna.
Q4 Why the animal is Inderkilla parkland famous?
A. The Inderkilla parkland, situated in Himachal Pradesh, is understood to be the home ground of the foremost glorious animal species, that is, the Tigers

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