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Solang Valley Adventurous place Manali

About Manali

Monal as the pheasant magically scorns for the Western Tragopan. Which is a disgusting state bird and stands high on the same grounds that the spruce tree reminds you that you are in the ice capsule Manali. Lovely cold and exciting weather will definitely leave you speechless and dazed. Manali is a small paradise that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.
Solang Valley
Solang Valley 

It is a destination that offers religious tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism in just one trip and that makes it a clear paradise. Snow-capped pine and cedar trees are show stoppers as you move upwards and towards the beauty of the world. Gorgeous snow leopards and brown bears do a fantastic show together as you search for them.

Things to do in Manali

Things to do in Manali

Treks are always fun, aren’t they? Gang up with the best friends of your life and then prepare for an exciting journey where you not only gain experience but also gain a strong bond of relationships. Camping in Manali was no less a blessing and the best part of it is definitely the campfire. Cooked food that you share for the best reasons.

River rafting is a popular sport in Manali and it is tried to go to almost all places. On the other hand, Manali is given a place for the best skiing purpose. Due to the lush green sprinkle with white waves of snow everywhere. The place is good for its religious and historical significance as well as a mixture of cultures and influences that will give you an abstract view of all the distinctive traditions.

Places to see in Manali

Places to see in Manali


 Solang Nala Valley is an angelic spot, which resembles a beautiful angel in her dreaming spirit. Winters freeze the valley with children and adults of almost all ages, seen here enjoying paragliding and skiing adventure sports. Children and people sliding and sliding on a frozen piece of land is another beauty to admire.


It definitely requires a minimal introduction as this thirst is already known to many. The pass is in the Pir Panjal range at its eastern end and glacier stacks are a major attraction here as they have created a beautiful environment with the vibrancy of seasonal flowers.

Great Himalayan National Park:

Lovers of nature and ornithologists will surely lose their heart at this place due to the huge varieties of birds found here and the loving atmosphere. The chirping of birds here will give you the best music of your life.

Food and Shopping in Manali

The Mall area and the Tibet market in Manali are home to beautifully crafted wooden handicrafts and embroidered clothing. Kashmiri is about to steal shawls and paper printed saris and clothes. The artistic tendency and influence of the culture of Tibet are very evident from the souvenirs and handicraft found here. The market has local “Malishwalas” that will give you the amazing massage experience you’ve ever had at any of those posh and international spas and parlours. There will be some old antique looking people in the markets who sell pure forms of Keshar and Shilajit.

When it comes to food, local dishes are definitely tried. One should hunt fresh trout fish dishes available here. The food has good dashes of culture and tradition. The food includes good Punjabi and Tibetan influences. Tasted through green apple pickles and Lingad pickles. (asparagus) as well as Kadi Chawla and Masala Omelets available in local restaurants.

How to reach Manali

There are various modes of transport to reach Manali. But the best means is to follow the roads, which make your journey more enjoyable due to the scenic natural beauty that you witness on the way.

How to reach Manali by car/taxi

Manali is well connected to Delhi and other cities via roads. One can visit his car or personal vehicle to enjoy the beautiful journey of this beautiful place.

Manali is:
318 km from Pathankot
357 km from Chandigarh
603 km from Delhi
204 km from Shimla
294 km from Palampur
343 km from Chamba
179 km from Bilaspur
253 km from Dharamshala

How to reach Manali by bus

Manali is 570 km from Delhi and is well connected through government and private buses. The comfortable Volvo and Mercedes Benz also ply the roads connecting Delhi to Manali with Ambala Cantonment and Chandigarh area.

How to reach Manali by train

Unfortunately, Manali has no close rail gauge. But one can go for the Chandigarh, Pathankot and Kalka railheads. There are still plans for improvement in the railways.

How to reach Manali by air

The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport. Kullu – Manali Airport 50 km from Manali and is well connected with taxis from all places. Air India flights are all available from Delhi to Manali.

Currency: Rupee – INR
Manali Pincode: 175131
Language: Hindi
Weather: Summer 4 ° C to 26 ° C Winter
Solang valley temperature
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